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Sebelum ni, kerap kali penulis bertemu dengan komentar/kenyataan penyokong2 tegar Umno yang membela Rosmah Mansor dan menghentam sesiapa yang mengkritik isteri perdana menteri itu..

Dakwa penyokong Umno yang pertahankan Rosmah Mansor, sesiapa yg mengkritik Rosmah Mansor adalah orang yang mempunyai sifat dengki, perasaan iri hati dan mcm2 lagi..

Dikutuknya penyokong PR sebagai org yg jelous dengan kemampuan Rosmah mansor yang katanya tidak boleh dilakukan oleh wanita di dalam PR..kata mereka lagi, semua yg dilakukan Rosmah Mansor itu membuktikan beliau seorang isteri PM yg rajin, baik hati, terkehadapan, cerdik, berwawasan dan seribu macam pujian dan pujaan..

Namun tidak sedikit juga dari kalangan mereka yang penulis temui meluahkan perasaan mual, geli, meluat dan sebagainya terhadap tindak-tanduk Rosmah Mansor...

Kali ini, penulis ingin berkongsi dengan pembaca sekalian luahan seorang blogger pro-kerajaan (Umno) terhadap isu yang berlaku kini..mungkin kalau luahan ini dari blogger pro-PR, berbakul cercaan dan hinaan dilemparkan terhadap blogger PR berkenaan..so, kali ini, kalau tidak puas hati, sila berdepan dengan blogger Umno ini sebelum tunjuk 'berani' di depan penyokong PR..fikir2kan..wallahua'lam..

Tahniah kepada blogger 'mahaguru58.blogspot.com'...

First Lady of Malaysia is our DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Sultanah Nor Zahirah not Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor a citizen of Kuala Pilah!!!

To those who are clueless about who our real 'First Lady' is, let me reintroduce to you our Queen, Her Royal Highness, Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Sultanah Nur Zahirah, D.K. ~ Darjah Seri Setia Sultan Mahmud Terengganu Yang Amat Mulia Darjah Yang Pertama (Terengganu), Darjah Kebesaran Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Terengganu Yang Amat Terpilih (S.S.M.Z.), Darjah Utama Seri Mahkota Negara (D.M.N.).

Her Royal Majesty Tuanku Sultanah Nur Zahirah is our real First Lady.

Our beloved Queen and Consort of His Royal Highness, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang Di Pertuan Agong Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, the reigning Supreme King of Malaysia.

Their Royal Majesties reign at the Istana Negara, not at Seri Perdana, Putrajaya.

Their Royal Majesties remain as Royals returning back to their functions as the Sultan and Sultanah of the Sultanate of Terengganu Darul Iman once their 5 year term as the Supreme King and Supreme Queen of Malaysia is complete.

The one who is currently masquerading as the 'First Lady' of Malaysia is just the wife of the current Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Malaysia.

A common citizen of this country who by chance happened to become the 2nd wife of the premier.

So, I find it unbecoming for a citizen of this country to upstage and wrongfully assume the title of the 'First Lady' of Malaysia when it is our beloved Supreme Queen of this federation of Malay Sultanates and former British Colonies, who must be given that honor and prestige to represent our nation at the 'First Ladies Summit'!!!

Truly Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor ought to know better than to steal the limelight from her own Queen?

What bloody hell kind of a glamor seeking person is she?

I wonder how do our government officials and ministers condone such breach of conduct and obvious case of 'Lese Majeste'?

Are all the Istana Negara officials especially those who are supposed to take care and watch out for the dignity and majesty of our beloved Queen clueless about this blatant commandeering of the royal position of our charming and graceful Raja Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia???

Hello!!! What are you guys doing over there in the Istana?

Let me ask you as to whether the Supreme Queen you serve is this karaoke 'queen'?....

...or ...Her Royal Highness, the Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku Nur Zahirah, the Supreme Queen of Malaysia and the Sultanah of Kesultanan Melayu Terengganu Darul Iman?

Don't tell me that those who are supposed to be the Protocol Officials of the National Palace are all ignorant as to who is really their 'First Lady'?

Even a trishawman can tell the difference between a Supreme Queen and a commoner?

Do we need to hold special classes now on this subject matter and teach the nation as to who is whom?

No wonder that the Cartoonkini political caricaturist Zunar is having a field day with his lambasting the Datin Seri from Kuala Pilah for her delusional condition that she is the 'First Lady' reigning over this nation from Seri Perdana!

Where is Tun Dr Mahathir now? Maybe he has a prescription for such hallucinations. You know, some medicine to cure this state of dementia, plaguing the poor lady from Kuala Pilah?

Problem is...will she be willing to swallow the bitter pills of REALITY?

As to who is our rightful First Lady of Malaysia?

Her Majesty the Supreme Queen, Her Royal Highness, Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Sultanah Nur Zahirah....or the commoner?

Despite all such trappings and fine regalia that one adorns on oneself, one has to come to terms that phony grandeur and pomp or pageantry will soon come to pass and when the clock strikes 12 after the 13th GE, reality will come stare at her face?

The Ministries in charge of this screwup have only themselves to be blamed for being party to such obvious acts of treason and proven case of 'Lese Majeste'!

What a whole load of hogwash this government has come to end up as?

Megalomaniacs at large!

No matter whichever glamor crazed commoner tries to steal your limelight Dear beloved Supreme Queen of the Kingdoms of Malaysia, you will always reign in our hearts as the rightful First Lady of us all.

May Allah bless you and your beloved family with the best of this life and in the next, Insya Allah!

Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!

And to the 'Great Pretender', do us a favor and wake the hell up, will you?

We don't begrudge you being the PM's wife. Not at all. You can be the head of BAKTI or whatever, but please do respect our Royal Highness, our beloved Supreme Queen of Malaysia and accord to her the rightful position that you have unwittingly usurped, maybe out of your own vanity?

Our First Lady. The one and only Queen of our hearts.

Her Royal Highness, our symbol of Malaysian regality, Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Seri Paduka Baginda, Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Sultanah Nur Zahirah.

Long live our Queen. Our real and true FIRST LADY!!!

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