MCA lawyer apologises, says azan row a ‘misunderstanding’-53 tahun merdeka tak reti islam ke!!!! mustahil!!!

UPDATED @ 10:16:27 PM 17-01-2011
January 17, 2011
Raja Nong Chik (third from right) looks on as Ng (third from left) joins hands with members of Malay NGOs. — Picture by Choo Choy May
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17 — MCA lawyer Ng Kian Nam apologised today for complaining about the volume of the “azan” from a mosque in Kampung Kerinchi, and described the matter as a “misunderstanding’. “I want to apologise to all Muslims for the confusion that I may have caused... actually I did not know how to differentiate between the azan (Muslim call to prayer) and kuliah Subuh (pre-dawn sermon),” Ng told reporters here.
He said he had mistaken the pre-dawn sermon for the “azan”, which led him to send a complaint letter to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on December 20 last year.
In the letter, the MCA youth leader had suggested the authorities set specific guidelines to control the volume of the loudspeakers at mosques, adding that the “azan” often disturbed his sleep in the mornings.
This led to a protest by two Malay NGOs last Friday.
Also present at the press conference today was Lembah Pantai Umno division chief Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin as well as representatives from the NGOs which had protested against Ng last week.
It is understood that Raja Nong Chik had met up with Ng as well as the NGOs shortly before the press conference.
“Everyone has their own weaknesses. As a non-Muslims, when I sent the letter I did not know the difference between the azan and the kuliah,” repeated Ng.
Raja Nong Chik said that he was happy with Ng’s public apology and did not want the issue to be sensationalised any further.
“Datuk Jamil Khir has said, Jawi said that no such action has been taken regarding the azan volume... so I urge people to not sensationalise this for whatever purposes.
“This is a small issue, from a misunderstanding,” said the Federal Territories minister.
The Umno minister also claimed the dispute was a “non-issue”, saying that the NGOs which had protested were satisfied with Ng’s apology and explanation today.
“This is a misunderstanding. Irresponsible people have sensationalised things.
“Mr Ng does not have to worry about living in Pantai Dalam, there are no problems here. The 1 Malaysia concept is always there,” said Raja Nong Chik.
Perkasa Lembah Pantai chief Sulaiman Yasin, who was also present, said he was “proud” of Ng’s actions.
“We are proud of the way Ng has conducted himself. We accept his apology and do not want this issue to be sensationalised.
“It’s as though Lembah Pantai is not safe for other races, when in truth we respect all races here,” said Sulaiman.

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