Babies for Sale

It was some 45 years ago, and I was little. A relative came to our house, crying. In her hand was her bundle of joy, a 1 your old baby daughter. Her husband had accumulated a “huge” gambling debt. Apart from his pants, he had nothing else to sell. “Please help save this girl”, she pleaded with my mother. Her daughter had been sold. Someone had come to her house to collect the baby.

Life had played it out harsh against her. 3 years back, she had lost a child. He was drowned in a well. She had not forgotten the sorrow that she suffered through, and this little girl was her only solace. “Please, please, don’t let them take my baby. I had a hard life …” she pleaded tearfully.

I was too little to know what happened next. But the little girl has grown to become a filial woman. The baby-selling father has become rich through political connections, but I wonder whether he remembers the evil that he had done.

The Star today reported that 3-year old Nicole Soo was not sold off to settle her father’s huge gambling debts as alleged by the mother earlier. What a relief it was.

But I am still troubled by the fact that there are indeed cases in modern society where babies had been sold to settle gambling debts.

That is why I condemn the BN for trying to legalize sports betting. We have enough gambling outlets already. Many men and women have money for 4-D bets but none for their children’s food, books and shoes. What an evil it would have been if the BN has succeeded in legalizing sports betting?

We all know the evil of gambling. There is only one reason for the BN’s efforts to legalize sports betting. The hundreds of millions obtainable from licensing sports betting maybe used to finance a few rounds of elections by the BN.

Luckily, the Opposition parties are in one voice to condemn and oppose licensing sports betting. Our opposition had forced the BN Government to shelve it.


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