BN's 'gila-glamour boys' get a tongue-lashing

By Joseph Tawie

KUCHING: State Barisan Nasional (BN) elected representatives who attend seemingly “small and non-beneficial” events for the sake of media exposure received a tongue-lashing from deputy State Legislative Assembly Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar. Describing them as “superficial YBs”, he said the BN “must get rid of them, if it is to enhance public confidence”.

Junaidi’s censure of the representatives got Sarawak PKR adviser Dominique Ng’s full support.

Ng said reps, irrespective of whether they were BN or Pakatan Rakyat, who do not serve the people “must be removed”.

“I fully agree with Wan Junaidi that there are ‘superficial YBs’ in the BN as well as in Pakatan.

“These YBs should be removed and only those who can genuinely serve the people be retained.

“We want to have a culture of YBs and ministers who serve the people and not the reverse,” said Ng, who is Padungan state assemblyman.

Junaidi told reporters yesterday that these “superficial YBs” were often seen attending “petty non-beneficial functions and issuing non-relevant statements” just to have their faces appeared in newspapers.

He said that when he read the newspapers, he found news of such YBs attending openings of restaurants, boutiques and other commercial functions and “cutting ribbons and having dinners”.

“When internal conflicts happened, such YBs even asked their supporters to hold press conferences in coffeeshops to pledge support and confidence.

“They are just taking advantage of the media,” said Junaidi, who is Santubong MP.

“When giving out aid, these YBs would give the impression that it was because of their sole effort that the community has received their donations.

“I find this to be very superficial. For the next general election, they should be replaced,” he said, pointing out that some YBs were more interested in the glamour of being YBs rather than serving their constituencies.

Defensive PRS

Meanwhile, a defensive Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has denied that its elected representatives were the ones targeted by Junaidi.

Its president, James Masing, defended his YBs, saying they were hard-working, focused and problem-solvers.

“I don’t think what Junaidi said applied to PRS YBs, because I know they are not publicity-seekers. Our representatives are hardworking and serve their constituencies well.

“Junaidi may be refering to other YBs in the other component parties. Certainly not YBs in PRS,” said Masing, who is State Land Development Minister.

This is not the first time that Junaidi has lambasted BN’s elected representatives.

In June last year, he accused the MPs from Sarawak of failing to take part in debates in Parliament.

He said some MPs simply sat down and listened to debates, while others were having coffee in Parliament.

He said most often it appeared that these elected representatives were not interested in raising issues affecting the people of Sarawak.

His remarks at that time drew some angry reactions from fellow MPs, one of whom was the MP for Batang Sadong Nancy Shukri, who wanted the deputy speaker to apologise and withdraw his remarks.

Junaidi refused to apologise.


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