Sarawak State Elections 2011


Following the announcement on 15 March 2011, when the Sarawak National Party (SNAP) revealed its first list which consisted of sixteen candidates, today SNAP is very pleased to announce the names of our candidates for an additional 11 constituencies for the impending state elections. 

They are:

1. Ateng Jeros (N. 17 Tarat)

2. Anthony Nais (N. 18 Tebedu)

3. Ivanhoe Anthony Belon (N. 26 Bukit Begunan)

4. Bakin Umpa (N. 42 Meluan)

5. Alexius Douglas (N. 43 Ngemah)

6. Munan John Andrew (N. 52 Tamin)

7. Adang Anak Jirau (N. 53 Kakus)

8. Douglas Alau (N. 54 Pelagus)

9. Toh Heng San (N. 55 Katibas)

10. Rosnah Bte Mohamad (N. 58 Jepak)

11. Lawrence Cosmas Sundang (N. 69 Batu Danau)

With today’s 11 candidates, we now have a total of 27 candidates. We were initially planning to announce 13 names today, which would have meant that we would have nearly a full complement of candidates for all of the Dayak seats in Sarawak. However, we leave 2 seats, specifically Ba’kelalan and Batang Ai because these are ‘hot seats’ and PKR is understood to want to announce the names of Baru Bian and Nicholas Bawin as candidates in these respective constituencies. Both Baru Bian and Nicholas Bawin are exemplary Dayak leaders. There are those who we have already confirmed but have requested that their names are not to be released until a later date. Altogether we intend to contest in 40 constituencies.

SNAP reiterates that it is a multiracial party and welcomes Malays, Melanaus and Chinese to its membership. However, its base has been the Dayak peoples of Sarawak and over the years it has been the political party where Dayaks congregate.  Now, in 2011 SNAP is growing again very nicely and it is well on the way to become the political platform where Dayaks could once again unite. 

Since last week’s announcement, SNAP candidates have been diligently working the ground in their various constituencies. The feedback received has been very positive and encouraging. People see the return of a rejuvenated and re-energised SNAP as very welcome news and want us to be the crucial player to change the political landscape of the state. As a responsible party, we have to respond to the requests from the grass-roots.

Of equal importance is the fact that SNAP reiterates that our preference is for straight one-against-one contests against the ruling party. This is because in Dayak-majority areas particularly, we have the better chance of winning compared to any other opposition party.

The coming Sarawak state elections will be nothing less than a watershed in the political history of the state and for that reason, SNAP wants to be the party that unites the multi-racial people Sarawak. SNAP also stands for Dayak unity, and SNAP intends to contest in as many seats as we deem possible. 

SNAP was born in Sarawak, grew up in Sarawak and therefore will always have the interests of Sarawakians in mind. SNAP is the Parti Asal Bansa Sarawak.

God bless the people of Sarawak.  



Sarawak National Party (SNAP)

SNAP Headquarters, Rubber Road, 
93400 Kuching, Sarawak
phone: +6082 230 659

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