DayakBaru speak for the rights of Dayak

Taken from: The Star
Look at what Tun M is saying. It is all about Malay rights in section 153. The rights of the native of Sabah and Sarawak within the same clause is entirely forgotten. PERKASA never did mentioned the natives and therefore do not acknowledged their existence.
In PBB, PRS and SPDP are the Dayak of Sarawak that are supporting BN. Does this mean that these Dayak who are supporting BN are wasting their time for the community or are they supporting BN for personal gain. As far as Tun M and PERKASA is concerned, the Dayak is a non entity in the eyes of “Malay”. If that is so, Dayak should withdraw support from BN.
Do you wonder why you see no dayak holding important post in the Federal and State Civil service. Dayak is nothing in Malaysia and when it comes to Sarawak Dayak must be controlled by the Government.
How do you control the Dayak?
Give them title and buy their leaders with money and small businesses. Keep the Dayak poor so that they cannot create high expectation in their life. Grab the Dayak land so that by the time they know the value of land they have very little left. Slow down Dayak in education because the lesser educated the Dayak are it would be easier to keep them away from the truth.
Are our current Dayak leaders part of this plan to keep the Dayak poor? My answer is YES. The DayakMinisters and elected representatives did not implement any program to increase the income of rural Dayak. The Ministers and YBs gave MRP – which wil never contribute to increase of income for Dayak.
Don’t give Dayak their individual land title. The Government by so doing take away the opportunities from Dayak to develop their economy. That ensure the Dayak continue to be poor. Don’t give the Dayak any seed capital for their business. Without initial capital and expertise to help them Dayak involvement into business would be slow. Dayak are not given quota or preferential business – thus Dayak do not enjoy NEPor even the on going NEM.
What more need I say about Dayak support for BN while is not going to bear any fruit. Those who are in BN only want things for themselves. That is the difference between the BN Dayak and the Opposition Dayak.
Talking about Dayak Rights
BN Dayak even got angry when DayakBaru speak out for Dayak rights and opportunities. The BN Dayak used all their authorities and power to ensure that DayakBaru cannot talk about Dayak rights. Why stop DayakBaru from highlighting Dayak issues when the BN Dayak are not doing anything about it?
If BN do not want Dayak to discuss Dayak issues aqnd solve Dayak problem then we Dayak must stop voting BN. We now have the option to vote PR. Whether PR is good or not to Dayak today is secondary. To change BN is our primary goal. We know BN do not want to solve Dayak problems. We now must give PR the chance to solve Dayak problems. That is the reason why we must stop voting BN. Tell our friends, parents and relatives that BN is not good to us Dayak. The Dayak leaders in BN are not sincere in helping Dayak – they are only good at giving away MRP, which really do not need brain to do.
Change WE Must. Change this BN Dayak leaders and vote Opposition.
(Star) – Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad reiterated Sunday that Umno could not afford to quarrel and distance itself from non-governmental organisations such as the Malay right-wing group, Perkasa.

He said Umno needed the support of such NGOs if the Barisan Nasional lynchpin did not want to risk losing more support from the ground.
“I feel that Umno, in particular, is not that strong. We cannot afford to dismiss any group because, if we are to even lose 100 or 200 people, we may lose (in the elections).
“As such, we need as much support as possible. It is needless for us to quarrel with anyone (or any group). I feel we should endear ourselves to as many groups as possible,” he told reporters at his Aidilfitri open house at his residence, here.
Last Thursday, Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said Umno was distancing itself from Perkasa as the group was eroding Barisan’s support among the non-Malays with its comments.
Dr Mahathir said Umno members were, at the moment, torn between supporting or distancing themselves from Perkasa, and added that such a situation could widen the divide between them.
“It has caused ambivalence among Umno members themselves. Some say they will stay (close), some say (they will) distance (themselves). This will divide them even more.
“Besides, in the last (general) election (in 2008), the margin was very small (between the BN and the opposition). If we lose some support, we might lose the (next) election,” he said.
Asked if Umno would be at the losing end if it distanced itself from Perkasa, Dr Mahathir said: “We cannot afford to quarrel with so many people. If you want to quarrel, quarrel with one, not everyone.”
Meanwhile, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, echoing his father’s sentiment, said he saw no point in Umno choosing to distance itself from Perkasa when the struggles of both were the same, which were to uphold the rights of the Malays.
“We don’t see why we should distance ourselves from them. I don’t quite see how I should not support them. I am not a Perkasa member but if they invite me to functions, I will attend,” he told reporters.
Some 10,000 people of various races and nationalities attended the open house. – Bernama

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